How to apply the Adult Size Models (video)

How to apply the Child Size Models (video)

AcoustaGrip Instructions

Most IMPORTANT: “NEVER” Touch the “Attaching Surface”

Finger Oils & Soiling stops the AcoustaGrip from “clinging” to your instrument and may void your warranty! Hold Pad by the Sides Only (similar to a CD). Clean your instrument’s back (no polish or oils). After use, always replace the Protective Backing with the shiny side facing the “Attaching Surface” (Fig. 4). The enclosed Protective Backing Card is used for Storage or any time the shoulder rest is not attached to your instrument (shiny side attaches to the AcoustaGrip).

One of the many benefits of AcoustaGrip is its Gentle Attachment to your instrument that aids the Sound, Comfort and will not mar your instrument. See Figure 5 for cleaning instructions

AcoustaGrip Instructions Figure 1

Figure 1

Removing Protective Paper Backing. Flick the top of the Protective paper backing until it separates from the gripping surface. Remember! Do Not Touch Attaching Surface
AcoustaGrip Instructions Figure 2

Figure 2

Peel Protective Backing Paper for later re-covering of Gripping surface (or use the enclosed spare Backing Car). Always Re-Cover when not attached to your instrument!
AcoustaGrip Instructions Figure 3

Figure 3

Attach to back of the instrument as shown. Adjust placement on the back of the instrument to suit your comfort and individual preferences. Apply gentle pressure to the middle (as pictured) and also to the top and bottom of the shoulder pad.
AcoustaGrip Instructions Figure 4

Figure 4

Re-apply the Protective Backing Paper for storage, or use the enclosed Backing Card with Shiny Side facing the instrument. Line up carefully and press down to re-attach.

Protégé Special Instructions:  Very young children generally need more immediate instruction and supervision from parents and teachers.  Many teachers (and parents) when they tune the instruments for youngster also put on the strings and shoulder rests.  AcoustaGrip may be left on the violin for several days with no adverse effects.  It should be removed after a short period of time or in extremely Hot Temperatures and replaced as needed.