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New and Improved 2017 AcoustaGrip Products


• Improved Comfort

• Enhanced Sound

• Freedom of Movement

• Held on securely & Gently with Air

• Stay in Tune Easily

• Faster Passage Performance

• Eliminate Muscle Pain

• Performing High Easily

AcoustaGrip Violin Shoulder Rests & Cello Pads

Great Violinists & Violists with the best technique such as Paganini, Ysaye, Heifetz, Stern, Rabin, Menuhin, Oistrakh, Kreisler, Mutter and Primrose would never use a  “Clamping” or “Rigid” Shoulder Rest.  .  .  .  .  and Neither Should You!

Each AcoustaGrip is “Hand Crafted in America” 

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#1 Preferred Shoulder Rests “Worldwide” by
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Musicians are raving about AcoustaGrip Violin Shoulder Rests:

Most Comfortable Rest I have ever used
My violin has never fit me better
Enhanced Sound

Here’s Why You Should Use AcoustaGrip Products &
Join The Shoulder Rest Revolution!

AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rests are a unique solution for every violinist. AcoustaGrip gives you the securest grip of any shoulder rest without discomfort and rigidity, allowing you the freedom to move and adjust. Long practice sessions can be a joy. You can focus all of your attention on honing your technique and playing more expressively. No more constant physical pain that all too often accompanies playing with a hard, rigid shoulder rest.

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Clamping shoulder rests have other downsides.  Clamping shoulder rests “mute the sound” of the instrument by restricting the natural vibrations of the wood.  AcoustaGrip allows these natural vibrations to flower, giving you the “Overtones” that create beautiful sounds. AcoustaGrip utilizes a flexible acoustical material instead of rigid metals. Clamping shoulder rests can also cause damage to the edges of your violin or viola.

After rigorous testing, AcoustaGrip shoulder rests were used on extremely fine instruments (the 1697 ‘Napoleon’ Stradivarius and the 1778 ‘DeLay’ Guadagnini) for extended periods of time.  Both instruments were acclaimed for their pristine condition and set world record sales prices when they were sold at auction.

AcoustaGrip offers a line of products that is helping violinists everywhere to enjoy the comfort and freedom of movement that allows them to play at their best.

Violinists and violists all over the world are acclaiming the many benefits. Some of our customers had been searching for the right shoulder rest for many years until they found AcoustaGrip.

AcoustaGrip is the best Shoulder Rest to protect the quality and condition of your Violin or Viola:

The 1697 ‘Napoleon’ Stradivarius and the 1778 ‘DeLay’ Guadagnini enjoyed AcoustaGrip for many years. Both instruments were acclaimed for their condition and set world record sales prices.

They stick to your instrument without harmful clamps or glues. . . increasing comfort, technical performance, sound volume and will not harm your violin.

Introducing AcoustaGrip CELLO Chest Rests:


NEW CELLO Chest Rests! Another Amazing Product From AcoustaGrip!
What Cellists Are Saying:

• Better Sound • Extremely Comfortable • Secure Grip

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