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Ultimate Comfort & Technical Freedom

The Greatest Advance in Violin-Viola Shoulder rests in Over 78 years!

Ultimate Comfort

Ergononmically designed to conform to the shape of your shoulder

Enhanced Sound

Made From High Quality Acoustical Foam for enhanced sound isolation

Easy On Easy Off

Attaches to your instrument using no damaging clamps, adhesive or residue

Secure Grip

Allows you to move freely without worrying about your shoulder rest falling off your instrument

About Us

AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rests are a unique solution for every violinist. AcoustaGrip gives you the securest grip of any shoulder rest without discomfort and rigidity, allowing you the freedom to move and adjust. Long practice sessions can be a joy. You can focus all of your attention on honing your technique and playing more expressively. No more constant physical pain that all too often accompanies playing with a hard, rigid shoulder rest.


AcoustaGrip offers a line of products that is helping violinists, violists & cellists everywhere to enjoy the comfort and freedom of movement that allow you to play your best. We have enjoyed an enthusiastic response from musicians all over the world. Some of our customers had been searching for the right shoulder rest for many years until they found AcoustaGrip.

Violin Shoulder Rests - Full Size

Solo Artist, Concert Performer, Concert Performer Thick. Ideal for 4/4 to 3/4 size Violins & Violas

Violin Shoulder Rests - Youth Size

Solo Artist II, Prodigy, Prodigy Solo, Prodigy Blue, Prodigy Pink, Prodigy Red. Ideal for 1/8, 1/4 to 1/2 size Violins and Violas

Cello Chest Rests

First Chair, Maestro, Virtuoso, Virtuoso Contour. Adjustable to fit any size Cello.


Crystal Clear, Azure Blue, Ruby Red, Midnight Black. Promotes correct positioning for smooth bowing.


Teacher Sale

Special Discount Pricing Available for Educators who would like to introduce their students to AcoustaGrip.

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We have enjoyed an enthusiastic response from musicians all over the world. Some of our customers had been searching for the right shoulder rest for many years until they found AcoustaGrip.

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Learn more about your AcoustaGrip and how to care for it.

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How To Choose

Solo Artist vs Concert Performer AcoustaGrips Prodigy vs Prodigy colored All AcoustaGrip violin and viola shoulder rests offer superior sound production compared to other shoulder rests, especially those that clamp on to the edges.  .  .    in simplest terms they do not restrict the “natural vibrations” of the wood allowing the instrument to achieve maximum sound output! Differences between the AcoustaGrip Concert Performer (or Prodigy ) and the “Multi layered” SOLO ARTIST and the Multi layered Colored Prodigy is the following: When performing in an orchestra or in chamber music situations one desires to have quality but to also “blend […]


9 Great Reasons to Choose AcoustaGrip

A new violin shoulder rest that places the instrument in a natural, ergonomic position in order to maximize comfort and precision control while playing. 1) The AcoustaGrip is a non-clamping, non-stiff and non-muting shoulder pad lift accessory; It does not “clamp onto the instrument”, as “clamping” mutes and diminishes the woods vibrations. 2) The AcoustaGrip provides the musician a comfortable ergonomically designed cushion that fits between the instrument and the shoulder of the musician, that will not fall off and sticks to the instrument without glues. 3) The AcoustaGrip attaches securely yet easily and quickly attaches and detaches from violins and violas to the back […]


How It Works

NEW! The Greatest Advance in Violin shoulder rests in 78 years Secure holding • Great Sound • Amazing Comfort • Technical Freedom The latest unique design in violin and viola shoulder rests. The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest attaches easily underneath your instrument and adjusts to the shape of your shoulder. The AcoustaGrip increases volume and overtones by not clamping onto the edges.  When you Clamp wood it stops the Natural Sounds and Overtones. Old style rigid, brace-like “Clamp-On” shoulder rests suppress the sound, may injure your instrument and your collarbone over time.  Clamp-On shoulder rests will also restrict your freedom of motion.  […]


About BowGrip

Without an AcoustaGrip “BowGrip” on the bow, there is a strong tendency for a violinist/violist or cellist’s thumb to become straight and slide through the opening, losing maximum control and thumb flexibility. Ivan Galamian, probably the most renowned teacher of the latter part of the 20th century, always cautioned his students with the following command (often heard by all his students: “BENTS YOUR TUMB” . . . further expletive deleted . . . translation: “keep your darn thumb always flexible and slightly “Bent”). When the AcoustaGrip BowGrip is correctly positioned on the bow, slightly above the frog, it forms a […]


The Story of AcoustaGrip

  Albert Stern, the concert violin soloist who invented the AcoustaGrip most revolutionary and amazing violin and Viola shoulder-rests and CELLO pads, has a charming story behind his patented violin shoulder-rests and CELLO pads. Albert was a graduate student of Ivan Galamian at Juilliard and in summers he attended Galamian’s Meadowmount summer camp and assisted Dorothy DeLay teaching. On a visit from his close friend Michael Rabin one night at Meadowmount he had an epiphany. Albert was housed at one of Meadowmount’s dorms located in an old school house adjacent to a large field. At that visit Michael commented about […]


Avoiding Musculoskeletal Pain & Discomfort

Medical Researchers have focused on biomechanics and ergonomics for String Players. Teachers and Parents are concerned with any issues that might result in hurting or in any way affecting the health of performers wether in sports or music. Most Violin Shoulder Rests employ a rigid brace that causes musculoskeletal pain and discomfort in the neck area, sometimes resulting in bruising of the collarbone. Most are manufactured in China and other Asian countries, with cheap labor and bad materials containing TOXINS. Children may start playing the violin as young as 3 years old and have a tendency to place things in […]